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The Atrocity of US

  • Fort Point Gallery 300 Summer Street Boston, MA, 02210 United States (map)


Shame is as insidiously destructive of a feeling as humanly possible. Within it lives the relentless and incessant drilling of people into isolation. Alone into a sense of terminal uniqueness where drastic and unnatural decisions live. The irony is that any actions that may be the cause of shame are very rarely unnatural human acts, in fact, quite natural. Opinions can go either way based on ones individual moral compass, but to produce the emotion of shame seems unnecessary.

 So why ? 

Why is there so much shame in these United States of America? 

Interestingly, you cannot spell shame without the beginnings of AMErica. Taboos are a part of all countries in every corner of the globe. What is so polarizing here? I want to explore the roots of shame by putting them in paintings. Taking some of my own personal struggles and others that I’ve witnessed and learned about and put them candidly and fearlessly on canvas. Maybe we can begin to see we are much more alike than not alike. That these acts are much more natural then unnatural. These shame based behaviors tend to live within our social taboos, but they’d hardly be taboo or even recognizable as worthy of shame if they where not, in fact, common. Shame seems most commonly found in addiction whether sexual or substance as well as mental health, racism, sexism, suicide or abortion. Steeped in dogma, societal norms and familial embarrassment,  these issues continue to isolate us from one another. Making us choose a side and dig in. But if they are not uncommon, then why can’t we have these very issues bring us together. The United States needs to begin to talk to one another, especially now. This show is to display art that addresses these issues head on, creates dialogue and begins to chip away at this destructive, inherited emotion of shame in these United States of Shame.